Goal 1

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To investigate the possibility of translating the annual Handbook into isiZulu.

Embarking on this project is really a no-brainer as just on two thirds (66.2%) off the applicants to the KwaZulu-Natal post school institutions that apply through the CAO indicate Zulu as their home language.  After investigating various options on achieving this it was discovered that it would be too costly to print the entire Handbook and distribute it in English and isiZulu.  After much deliberation it was decided to approach the project in phases.  Phase 1 would be to only translate identified relevant parts of the Handbook into isiZulu for printing and for publishing on the website. Phase 2 would be to translate the entire Handbook for publishing on the website, but not for printing.  We would continue printing only the translated identified sections, which are:

  • Ways of Applying;
  • Steps to complete an Application Form;
  • Application Fees;
  • How CAO will communicate with you;
  • How institutions to which you have applied will communicate with you;
  • What do the different statuses mean;
  • Paying for your studies.

We have started working with the university of KwaZulu-Natal Language Planning and Development Office and hope to have the translation ready for the 2020 academic year.  The Handbook for the 2020 academic year will be published next year in February 2019.